The Plebiscite is a Fig Leaf

There are 4 types of LNP politicians as far as same sex marriage is concerned:

  1. Those who support SSM as a matter of conscience and will vote for it on the floor of the house. We don’t need to spend $200m on plebiscite for these people.
  2. Those who support SSM but will only vote for it a majority of the electorate does so (their electorate?). We shouldn’t need to spend $200m just to give these people a fig leaf so they can vote according to their conscience.
  3. Those who oppose SSM and won’t vote for it under any circumstances. The LNP endorses this approach. We don’t need to spend $200m on a plebiscite for these people.
  4. Those who oppose SSM but will vote for it if the electorate endorses it. We are going to spend $200m for these people?

If both sides of politics are right and the vote will sail through the parliament then why waste the money on those who oppose SSM? The answer is that it’s a cover for LNP politicians who support SSM but aren’t prepared to stand up and say so. What a waste of money and an abrogation of responsibility. Parliament has previously legislated on the definition of marriage and it can do so again.

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