Review: Boris Murgers

We eat out a bit; places that are suitable for a 5 and 7 year old generally and usually in Bendigo. So there are inbuilt limitations. I have absolutely no qualifications and no expertise when it comes to reviewing eateries. But let’s have a crack, even if only to help others with kids looking for something around town:

Boris Murgers (no, that’s not a typo)

Where: View Street, Bendigo

Who: two adults and aforementioned kids

When: mid Saturday afternoon (don’t ask)

Summary: Trying hard (hipster hard), lots to like, can improve. This is about burgers, and more burgers. And thrice cooked chips. Plus signature milkshakes.

Kids menu:  Surprise, they went for the chicken strips and triple cooked chips. Other options were a patty with associated ingredients or pancakes.

The bride opted for the Swiss burger with a chicken patty and I chose the Classic with beef. All burgers come with triple cooked chips. The milkshake menu looked interesting so I took a rare venture and ordered the Splice. Well, eventually we ordered. Rule #1 for a burger joint, get ’em in and get ’em out. A 10+ minute wait to order was not a good start. The cappuccino posed an extra challenge for the lady on our table when it arrived as the sugar container proved resistant to all attempts to open it. Thankfully the one on the next table was more accommodating.

The milkshake was a stunner. Worth the trip on its own.

Coffee was so-so. I don’t partake but I get told if it’s no good. More froth needed on a cappuccino apparently.

Burgers – excellent. Buns were just right and there was just the right amount of filling. Super tasty condiments. You need a serviette (but you don’t get one unless you ask for cutlery).

The triple cooked chips were FANTASTIC.

Kids meals – chicken strips were plentiful and fresh and they loved the chippies. There was a good quality Fruit Box drink as well. They were happy.

Quick tip: if sitting at a table for four don’t lean on the end as it’ll tip over. And a prize to the first person who tells me they found away to make their fabric cutlery bag stand up on the table.

Bill topped out at $56.

We enjoyed it, will probably go back (maybe after we try Grill’d again for comparison) provided I don’t cop a caning from this review. Interesting to see if the place pulls an evening crowd in that location.





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